CHAPTER 1wp2036897

“Where should we go next, Master?”

“I don’t know. And do i have to tell you? can’t you find it out yourself?”

“That is not the answer, master. i implore you to answer me seriously.”

“Shut up, and just follow me.”


” you are not fun.”

“Where should we go next, Master?”


“Where should we go next, Master?”

“Do you have to know?”

“Yes, it is my DUTY to know where you go, where you are. What you are doing. What if the Lady ask for your where about and i know nothing?”

“Mountain range Darieka ”

“Where should we go next, Master?”

“Mountain range Darieka. if she ask you my where about, tell her i went to Darieka.”

“……………..” “…………….”

“Do you really have to go there?”

“Must you know?”


“There is something i have to do there.”


“I don’t lie to you.”

“You don’t lie but you also do not tell me everything.”

“A promise i have to keep.”



“I will go with you.”

“What are you trying to do? Didn’t we already discuss about our next action? you are messing up the plan.”

“I accompany you to ensure that our plan go smoothly. i afraid you are the one who will mess up our plan hence you must have someone to watch over you. ‘And you already ordered me to accompany you.’

“Assume that is true, why it has to be you?”

“Can you find anyone else more suitable than me?”

“You think too highly of yourself.”

“I just state the truth, Master.”

“Do as you wish.”

“you are fun.”


“Finish the preparation.”



“Why you allowed him to do it? Stop him. Stop him. Don’t let him go there.”

“Ninlil, you are with him the longest, so you should have already know how stubborn he is. “If you can’t stop him, walk with him and correct him along the road.” is the best course of action for this case.”

“But i still don’t like it. I don’t want him to go there. i don’t want him to go there. you are also don’t want him to go there too right? why don’t you stop him. Stop him, Stop him.”

“Don’t be selfish, here eat this and calm down.”

“what is this? it is so yummy. wait, don’t try to deceive me. Should i go and destroy it? no, i should ask the other to do it, destroy it, crush it, sunk it, burn it. with this, he won’t have anymore reason to go there. Right, yes,i should act now.”

“Ninlil, i won’t stop you. but if you don’t want him to hate you, i advice you to cease that idea now. Moreover, we need master to protect Darieka.”


“If you are done with you distress. help me collect our dinner.”

“No. i hate you.”

(If she don’t stop him, i will do it myself.)


“Vayu, i heard it from Sis You want to fly to Darieka. Why you want to go there? You want to meet them again? Have you forgot what they did to you? Have you not suffer enough?​ Don’t go. I don’t want you to go. I don’t want you to get hurt again. Go somewhere else. you can go on a date with me and Sis. Anywhere but there.”

“Not again.” “This time, it is you, huh” “Mountain Range Darieka rang around seven thousands yog and one thousands yog width. How can you be so sure that I will go meet them?”

“I know it. I know it. I can see your soul. It is black. It is turmoil. You are in pain. They too, can see it. And them too, they will hurt you even more. I know it. They plan for it.”

“Don’t worried. I don’t plan to hurt myself and not getting hurt too. And about them, it can’t be help. It is not like the first time.”

“Nooooo. That is not the point. It you don’t stop. I will do it my own way. I will burn them. I will sunk them. I will suffocate them.  I will destroy them all before you can get there. I will ask those girls to do it.”

“Ninlil. please be reasonable. if i don’t go there now, we will lose the whole Darieka and it will endanger the capital too.”

“No, i don’t care. it can go to hell. i can protect the capital myself, those girl too. they can do it. is it not always those girl that protect the capital. you are more important than Daieka. Vayu i bag you please don’t go there. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Ninlil. rather than don”t want me to go there, It is you that don’t want to go there. Are you afraid to meet them that much?”

“NO. it is not true. I really don’t want you to go there. It is you that i don’t want to go there. I don’t care about myself.  I can go there myself, i can go there in your stead. you can stay here. you can rest. you can sleep. just don’t go there.”


“”Master, Don’t bully Ninlil too much. she just worried about you.”

“You come at the right time. help me take care of her. we have some uninvited guests to entertain. ”

“Have a safe trip, Master.”



“Protect her, with all your life.”



“Master, Ninlil has fallen asleep.”

“Thank for helping me calm her down. She is a little bit emotional unstable. If it is a must we can delay our journey a day.”

“And what if she did not recover?”

“I will go on ahead. Time is precious.”

“…… can’t you delay a little bit more?….. I think she require a tender psychological care”

“I would like too. But let do it when I return.”

“Master. Is it more important than her, that promise of your?”

“Oath is one of my virtue. It is a part of myself, my humanity identity. Do you want me to lose it?” (Can’t you understand. I did every thing so that you can smile again. can you wait a bit more?)

“Master you are being mean today.” (Is it detest you that much? If so, why don’t you let me handle it?)

“You should return to her soon. And I want to rest a bit more.”

“Master, I don’t know if it is your emotion or logic or anything else. No matter what, we will all walk with you. As we have made an oath. But I still won’t agree with all your decision and this decision is one of those.”

“Don’t you think today you talk too much?”

“No. in contrast I think I talk too little.” “Master, we know you don’t care much about yourself But please think about other, those who concern about you.”

“I will bear it in my mind.”

“It is not enough. Please bear it in action too. Not just your mind.”

“You might think I am insane but I think I am sane, sane enough to allow you to stand with me. And never once I forget the promise I made with you that day. (I afraid of you getting hurt more than myself. Can’t you understand that much? it dose not matter how much i hurt myself as long as you are safe, you are happy, you can smile from the bottom of your heart again, it is enough for me. Please endure just for a little while. Can’t you understand it?)”

“You are incomprehensible today.”

“So are you.”


“ENOUGH, go back to her. I need some rest now.” (Don’t worried i will hold that oath of mine, the one i made to you that day. please just wait a bit more.)






As his fist hit my face, I was thrown back to the wall. “You bastard!” As the shock went through by body, nerves. My brain chase functional for seconds. Why do you look so sad? Stop making that face. Don’t look at me with those eyes. Stop making her worried. Look she is about to cry. You are not someone like that. And so I asked him “why are you doing this? Are you crazy? I can sue you with this” “You bastard” and so he hit me again. Dame it. It’s hurt like hell. Are you seriously want to kill me? “You asked me why? Huh? You still want to know why? Huh? I am going to kill you now.” And so he hit me again. Can you stop it? I will die with this you know? Someone, can someone stop him. No take her away. I don’t want to see her now. “You ask me why? Huh? You abandoned her. You left her alone while you came here to married. And you ask me why? You still don’t know? Die” and so it repeated. Ah yes. Yes. That it is. I left her alone. I propose to my wife. And now we are currently in ceremony. Yes. That it is. I married into money. Is it wrong? No, I was right. This is what I wish for. This will make everyone happy. It is happy ending right? Why he is mad at me? As I was collecting my thought, he was about to throw another fist. Luckily some guard came to stop him. Yes, good job. But I was you were faster. I am about to get kill by my childhood friend. Even though we are not on good term. But I still don’t want him to be criminal. He have a promising future await him. And he is burdened with another great task. Yes. You should not end you future here. “Someone take him outside” I shouted “Dame you am not going to forgive you, you bastard, you traitor.” He shouted as the guards drag him outside. Yes, now it should be done. Ah. One more things. “Chill, can you help escort her outside too? I have to continue my wedding” Now everything is settle. That is good. All the obstacles have been clear. Everything will be good.
“Sorry I made you wait honey. Sorry my fiend is a little bit short temper. Now let us continue. Father, please.” I smile as I take you my wife. Dame it hurts. I don’t think I can have my honeymoon tonight. Shit. “No I am okay. But are you alright? He hit you so hard. We can process after you go to meet doctor. I can wait for another time.” She ask worried about me. Ah she is so lovely. My wife is really sweet. “I can go to doctor later. Let finish our wedding now. I want to go on honeymoon ASAP. And I don’t want to meet that “DOCTOR” friend of mine now.” Yes let finish it now so we all can have peace.
….. And so I put a ring on here finger. A simple one without any design. A pure silver with single diamond. Opt it is too loose for her. I have to ask craftsman to adjust it later. But for now I should apology to her. “Sorry. It is a bit loose. I will ask jeweler to adjust it later” I said in low volume similar to whisper as I was about to kiss her to seal your oath. “I don’t mind it. It is normal since it was prepared intending for her. It is normal that it is not fit mind.” She looked so sad as she whisper to my ear. As yes. That was it. It was made with HER “Theresa” size in her taste too. And I put it on my wife. It is normal that it is not fit. To cut off her complain I seal her mouth with mind. Yes now the oath is sealed. Everything should be settle now. Her lip is so soft, her saliva too is so sweet, is it cheery? Strawberry? Honey? No, it is sweeter. One of its kind. A supreme nurture. It like a drug. Her face look red as our lip part. No one cheer for us. Ah it maybe that our kiss shock them that much. “You don’t need to rush. I won’t void our contract. I will arrange her surgery. I will guarantee that it will success 100%” she said as she look into my eyes. Yes that it is. Everything is for her. Ah now I have fulfill my role. Now it is you turn to take care her “Theresa”. I leave everything to you, my friend. Now everyone will be happy.
I love you. My love.





“what is your name?”


“don’t you have one?”


“then i shall call you [ Eis , Silbernes Eis ]. From now on you shall be call [ Silbernes Eis ]”


“you don’t like it?”


“haha. [vayu ] is my name”

this is the start of everything, or it may not be the very start of everything but everything start to get struggle from here on. you can say that this is the start of everything and this hellish mountain of this f**king mess.